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Welcome to LexDom

Hello! Welcome to LexDom Law website!


Wherever you are on the Globe, from here you you can get the necessary legal assistance, advice or information regarding travelling or moving to Russia, studying in Russia, marrying a Russian citizen, setting-up a business in Russia, doing business in Russia, working with a Russian business partner or regarding any other legal matter concerning Russia.


I am glad to provide you as an individual or your company with legal services in Russia in the following, but not limited to the below-described:

  • defense in courts of all instances, appealing against decisions; 
  • debt collection,
  • representation and defense in state agencies and other organizations, 
  • setting-up of an enterprise,
  • business assistance,
  • counterparty verification, verification of documents, risk assessment,
  • corporate issues assistance,
  • legal research on the questions that you put,
  • work with contracts (creation, verification and control over execution),
  • translation of documents from Russian to English/from English to Russian, work on bilingual documents.
  • legal advisory for individuals in the matters of civil law, family law, labor law and other branches of law,
  • written and personal consultations,
  • other services.


For those who are not familiar with Russia yet:

Russia has its own character: strong and willful. As a lawyer I can tell you that doing business or having other successful connections with Russia will require from you to follow our compound legal system, as well as our business customs, economic tendencies, Russian manners in general and sometimes knowledge of a judicial practice.

Russia can become your reliable friend whether for doing business in Russia or with Russia, for working, getting education, becoming a Russian citizen, living and having a family. I am sure that once tried, you will cherish connections with Russia ever more.


P.S. Why LexDom? «Lex domicilii» (latin «law of the domicile») means applying law of the state where the subject lives or locates.


Contact me any way you like, get a free initial consultation and let the legal work for you get started!


Best regards,

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